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As a dedicated, responsible and vigorous team, we have over ten years' experience in international air transportation and provide with multimodal logistics service of various products as general freight, chemicals and frozen goods from airport to airport, airport to door, door to door and door to airport.
Our Tenet:
Pursuit of Honesty; Service Uppermost. Achieve timely and correct mastery of the industry trends, take customer demand orientation; regard main domestic international airports as the base, carry out professional and flexible multi-port distribution modes to offer customers the logistics programs with best cost performance

Dominant Air Lines

1.Ningbo Airport


KA:basic airports in Europe,Southeast Air,India and Pakistan,Australia/New Zealand;
CA:across Germany and basic airorts in Europe;
CI:basic airports in North America.

2.Hangzhou Airport


D7 Direct Flight KUL, transit to main airports in Southeast Asia,Australia and Britain.

3.Shanghai Airport


EY:Minddle East,India and Pakistan,African Line;
QR:Africa,the Midd East;
SU,6U Direct Flight to the whole Germany, about 2 day's omnidistance;
CZ:Direct Flight to AMS,FRA, VIE transit to basic airports in Europe;
RU:Direct Flight to DME,FRA,AMS,CDG,MXP transit to basic airports in Europe;
ZP:Direct Flight to HHN,IST,LUX transit to Central Asia and basic airports in Europe,3-4 day's omnidistance;
PO:Direct Flight to LEJ transit to basic airports in Europe,3-4 day's omnidistance;
PO:Direct Flight to CVG,LAX transit to basic airports in Amenrica,3-4 day's omnidistance;
SQ,CZ,Direct Flight to OBD,LAX,transit to basic airports in North America;
AM,AA,IB to main airports in Central South America;

4.Beijing Airport


Delivery the goods to shanghai/ningbo and declare at the customes, customes transmit in Beijing
CA Direct Flight to HEL,transit to Northerm Europe and Eastern Europe;
AF/KL Direct Flight to CDG,AMS transit to basic airports in Europe;
US,CO,DL basic airports in North America;
LH main airpots in Northern Europe and South America;

5.Kunming Airport


Delivery the goods to shanghai/ningbo Airport customs transmit in kunming
TG Direct Flight in Europe:Main airpots in Europe as 
MU:Direct Flight to DXB/CCU/DAC.

6.Shenzhen,Guangzhou Airport


UC.South America line.

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